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YuYu Bottle

Wrap it, Hug it, Sling it

The ultimate self-care product that warms and cools your body like no other.

YuYu’s innovative design allows for a larger area of the body to be warmed than a traditional square hot water bottle, but using the same energy and volume of hot water.

The revolutionary strap allows you to literally wear your hot water bottle like a belt around your body, giving you a cozy hug.

Each purchase includes a YuYu Bottle inner and your selected cover.

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-Hands-free design, so you can wear it on-the-go
-100% natural, biodegradable rubber, safe to cuddle with
-Medically endorsed for comfort & pain relief
-Eco-friendly & energy-saving
-Multi-climate: stays warm or cold for up to six hours
-Recyclable & biodegradable packaging


Simply half-fill with cold water, fold in half and put in your freezer for approximately one and a half hours or until you can feel the water start to freeze


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