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The Firefighter

Meet the Firefighter. A broad stimulation on and around the clitoral glans is one of the most popular masturbation techniques used by people with vulvas. To deliver a wide yet intense clitoral massage, we have designed this ergonomic vibrator with a rounded nose to apply on the clit nub and a flame shape to extend the vibrations to your intimate lips. Turn up the heat…
SIZE: 14.7cm x 4.5cm x 3.2cm


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Fact: stimulation of the labia leads to more intense clitoral orgasms
Product benefits: full vulva stimulation, from clitoris bulb to labia
Product description: a rounded nose for a focused stimulation on the clitoris, with a flame shape for stimulation of surrounding labia.
Ideal for self-pleasure and for couple play, during foreplay or penetration for added pleasure.

Super smooth. Silent. Waterproof.

How to use

Tip #1: multi-orgasms. After the first orgasm with the Firefighter, go for the second round: lift up the nose from the clitoris glans while maintaining flame on the labia to maintain excitement. When you feel ready, apply back the nose of the Firefighter on your clitoris.
Tip #2: with your partner, can use it during foreplay and as an add-on to penetrative sex: 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax. Additional stimulation can help you reach faster….and stronger

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