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The Billionaire

Meet the Billionaire. Curious to try out vibrators? This sensual toy is the perfect pick to give it a go and redefine your pleasure ambition. Its sleek and versatile shape makes it ideal for clitoral massages and to explore the luxurious sensations of vaginal stimulation. Featuring powerful technology, it delivers strong and rumbling vibrations for more intense orgasms. Spoil yourself with pleasure.
SIZE: 14.4cm x 3.4cm x 3.4cm


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Fact: More than 50% of women use vibrators and 9 out 10 women view vibrator usage positively
Product benefit: a chic, safe and versatile product to discover vibrators
Product description: its classic shape can be used for external and internal stimulation.

12.8 cm x 3 cm
Super smooth. Silent. Waterproof.

How to use

Tip #1: apply the round head of the Billionaire on your clitoris for a nice build-up
Tip #2: internal stimulation and build up pleasure by playing with the speeds and 2 pulsations modes. Lubricant for gentle sensation

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